Golf Cart Laws for MB

 For the purposes of this section, “gated community” means any homeowners’ community with at least one access-controlled ingress and egress which includes the presence of a guard house, a mechanical barrier, or another method of controlled conveyance.


*During daylight hours only, a permitted golf cart may be operated within four miles of the address on the registration certificate and only on a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less.

*During daylight hours only, a permitted golf cart may be operated within four miles of a point of ingress and egress to a gated community and only on a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less.

*During daylight hours only, within four miles of the registration holder’s address, and while traveling along a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less, a permitted golf cart may cross a highway or street at an intersection where the highway has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles an hour.

*During daylight hours only, a permitted golf cart may be operated along a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less on an island not accessible by a bridge designed for use by automobiles.

 A person operating a permitted golf cart must be at least sixteen years of age and hold a valid driver’s license. The operator of a permitted golf cart being operated on a highway or street must keep a valid drivers license on their person at all times.

Vacation Rental Restrictions


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​​     North Myrtle Beach​​

  1. 1521 Edge Drive (not allowed)

  2. Ashworth (must park across street; call the HOA at 843-449-6625 for current restrictions)

  3. Atlantic Winds (not allowed)

  4. Barefoot North Tower (homeowners only)

  5. Barefoot Resort (please review Barefoot Resort Community Restrictions; must have a garage to put the cart in or be staying at the towers/villas on the waterway; not allowed on the golf course; call the HOA at 843-272-8700 for current restrictions)

  6. Barefoot Yacht Club (homeowners only)

  7. Beach Cottages at OD (homeowners only)

  8. Beachmaster (not allowed)

  9. Beachwalk Villas (owners only)

  10. Bermuda Run (not allowed)

  11. Canvasback Condos (not allowed)

  12. Carolina Keyes (must have garage to park cart in)

  13. Chateau by the Sea (not allowed)

  14. Cherry Grove Villas (not allowed)

  15. Coastal Dunes (not allowed)

  16. Cottages at Tilghman (must park in garage or $50 fine)

  17. Crescent Keyes (cannot park in the parking garage)

  18. Crescent Towers (not allowed)

  19. Crescent Woods (homeowners only)

  20. Fairway Oaks (not allowed)

  21. Finestere (not allowed)

  22. Hyperion Towers (not allowed)

  23. Inlet Point Villas (not allowed)

  24. Kings Grant Villas (owners only)

  25. Laguna Keyes (must park across street)

  26. Malibu Pointe (not allowed)

  27. Mar Vista Grande (must park on level P4)

  28. Mariner’s Way (not allowed)

  29. Marsh Haven (not allowed)

  30. North Beach Plantation (not allowed)

  31. North Beach Villas (not allowed)

  32. North Myrtle Beach Golf & Tennis (owners only)

  33. North Myrtle Beach RV Resort & Dry Dock Marina (not allowed)

  34. Ocean Bay Club (not allowed)

  35. Ocean Breeze Luxury Villas (not allowed)

  36. Ocean Creek (only approved homeowners; must be electric; call the HOA at 800-213-4366 for current restrictions)

  37. Ocean Grove (not allowed)

  38. Ocean Keyes (please review Ocean Keyes Community & Golf Cart Rules; only homeowners and people renting from Keye Beach Rentals are allowed to rent a golf cart; call the HOA at 843-249-1779 for current restrictions)

  39. Ocean Marsh (homeowners only, must be gas powered)

  40. Ocean Pier I (not allowed)

  41. Ocean Pointe (not allowed)

  42. Ocean Towers (not allowed)

  43. Oceans (not allowed)

  44. Paradise Pointe (not allowed)

  45. Pelican Manor (not allowed)

  46. Peppertree By the Sea (not allowed)

  47. Pier Watch Villas (3400 N. Ocean Blvd- oceanside, not allowed)

  48. Raintree Villas (not allowed)

  49. Sandwedge (not allowed)

  50. Sea Cabin (not allowed)

  51. Sea Cloisters I (not allowed)

  52. Sea Farer (not allowed)

  53. Sea Gardens (not allowed)

  54. Sea Marsh I (not allowed)

  55. Sea Pointe (not allowed)

  56. Seven Oaks (not allowed)

  57. Shalimar (not allowed)

  58. Shorehaven (not allowed)

  59. South Shore Villas (not allowed)

  60. Spinnaker (must park in overflow parking area)

  61. Spring Towers (not allowed)

  62. Tidemaster (must park across street)

  63. Tidewater Plantation (not allowed)

  64. Tilghman Beach & Racquet Club (not allowed)

  65. Tilghman Shores (not allowed)

  66. Verandas (not allowed)

  67. Waipani (homeowners only)

  68. Waterway Landing (not allowed)

  69. Wellington (homeowners only, must park across street)

  70. Windcrest Villas (not allowed)

  71. Windemere (not allowed)

  72. Windy Hill Dunes (not allowed)

  73. Xanadu III (must park across the street)

Kings Rd./Shore Dr.

  1. A Place At The Beach III (not allowed)

  2. Apache Campground (not allowed)

  3. Arcadian Dunes (homeowners only, gas powered only)

  4. Dunes Pointe (not allowed, but can park outside complex on side of road)

  5. Guest Cottages (not allowed)

  6. Heron Pointe (not allowed)

  7. Kingston Plantation (allowed, but must review Rules & Regulations; most likely need a gas powered cart unless certain you have access to electricity)

  8. Marsh Hills (not allowed)

  9. Myrtle Beach Travel Park (must have handicap tag; must be electric golf cart; please review MBTP Golf Cart Rules)

  10. Ocean Bridge (not allowed)

  11. Ocean Green Cottages (not allowed)

  12. Pelicans Landing/Watch (not allowed)

  13. Sands Ocean Club Resort (cannot park in parking garage)

  14. Seawatch Plantation (not allowed, they have a guard checking)

  15. Shipwatch Pointe (not allowed)

  16. Summertree Village (not allowed)

Myrtle Beach/Longs/Little River

  1. Admiral Motor Inn (must get pass from front desk)
  2. Bali Bay (not allowed)
  3. Beach Colony Resort (metered parking only)
  4. Captain’s Quarters Resort (metered parking only)
  5. Carolina Winds (metered parking only)
  6. Compass Cove
  7. Coral Beach Resort (must register at front desk)
  8. Cricket Cove (not allowed)
  9. Forest Dunes (not allowed)
  10. Grand Atlantic Ocean Resort (not allowed, although paid parking is available across the street)
  11. Holiday Sands North ($30/week parking next door)
  12. Holiday Towers (not allowed)
  13. Hotel Blu (not allowed)
  14. Myrtle Beach Villas I & II (not allowed)
  15. Ocean Blue (not allowed)
  16. Ocean Forest Villas (not allowed)
  17. Palace Resort (not allowed)
  18. Sea Mark Tower (not allowed)
  19. South Wind on the Ocean Resort (not allowed)
  20. Willow Tree RV Resort (not allowed)

Surfside Beach/Garden City/Murrells Inlet

  1. Atalaya Towers (must park across street)
  2. A Place at the Beach (not allowed)
  3. Afterdeck (not allowed)
  4. Beach House (not allowed)
  5. Beach Walk (not allowed)
  6. Boston Commons (not allowed)
  7. Cape Codages I and II (not allowed)
  8. Captain’s Walk (not allowed)
  9. Carolina Shores (not allowed)
  10. Colony III (not allowed)
  11. Compass Rose (not allowed)
  12. Dolphin Cay (not allowed)
  13. Dolphin Cove (not allowed)
  14. Drifter (not allowed)
  15. Duneside I (not allowed)
  16. Duneside III (not allowed)
  17. Floral Villas (not allowed)
  18. Garden City Guest House (not allowed)
  19. Garden Sands (not allowed)
  20. Gulfstream Villa (not allowed)
  21. Hermitage (not allowed)
  22. Horizon East (not allowed)
  23. Inlet Harbour (not allowed)
  24. Inlet Pointe (not allowed)
  25. Islander (not allowed)
  26. Jasmine Lake (not allowed)
  27. Lakewood Camping Resort (not allowed)
  28. Myrtle Beach Resort (not allowed)
  29. Ocean Cove (not allowed)
  30. Ocean Lakes Campground (not allowed: Ocean Lakes Rules)
  31. Oceanside Village (not allowed)
  32. Ocean Townes Unit 1 (not allowed)
  33. One Ocean Place (not allowed)
  34. Pirateland Campground (not allowed)
  35. Plantation Resort – Presidential Villas (not allowed)
  36. Reflections (not allowed)
  37. Royal Garden Resort (not allowed)
  38. Sandpebble (not allowed)
  39. Sandy Shores I, II, and III (not allowed)
  40. Sea Banks (not allowed)
  41. Sea Cloisters I and II (not allowed)
  42. Sea Grove (not allowed)
  43. Sea Horse (not allowed)
  44. Sea Master (not allowed)
  45. Sea Mystique (not allowed)
  46. Sea Oaks (not allowed)
  47. Sea Shadow (not allowed)
  48. Sea Watch III (not allowed)
  49. Sea Watch VIII (not allowed)
  50. Sea Watch Inn at the Landing (not allowed)
  51. Seasider (not allowed)
  52. Shores of Surfside II (not allowed)
  53. South Shores II (not allowed)
  54. Sun Dial (not allowed)
  55. Surf Crest (not allowed)
  56. Surf Master (not allowed)
  57. Surfside By The Sea I (not allowed)
  58. Surfside Landing (not allowed)
  59. Surfwatch I and II (not allowed)
  60. The Drifter (not allowed)
  61. Tupelo Bay (not allowed)
  62. Water’s Edge (not allowed)
  63. Waterforde (not allowed)

Litchfield Beach/Pawleys Island/DeBordieu

  1. DeBordieu Colony (electric carts only)
  2. Inlet Point (homeowners and homeowner’s guests only; call 843-237-8321 to verify)
  3. Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort (electric carts only & obtain pass from guard after signing rules/regulations)

*Condos in Litchfield that do not allow golf cart rentals*

*Breakers Reef (not allowed)

*Bridgewater (not allowed)

*Cambridge (not allowed)

*Fairway Villas (not allowed)

*Fordham (not allowed)

*Sandpiper (not allowed)

*Seaside Inn (not allowed)

  *Shipyard Village (not allowed)

*Whitney Parish (not allowed)


     4.  Pawleys Island – the actual island (not allowed)

     5. True Blue Golf Plantation (not allowed)

Myrtle Beach Golf Carts Llc

​The Laws About Driving Golf Carts On The Roads

Road Rules 411

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Golf Cart Laws for NMB

Welcome to South Carolina's Grand Strand. We hope you enjoy your visit to one of the best groups of beaches in the nation. You will find the people in this area to be friendly and hospitable.

There are restrictions on the use of golf carts in the State of South Carolina. Golf carts must be insured and registered with the SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles and may not be operated:

  •  On primary highways (This includes US 17; Sea Mountain Hwy.; Ocean Blvd. from Sea Mountain Hwy. to 27th Ave. South; and 27th Ave. South from Ocean Blvd. to US 17)
  •  More than 4 miles from your residence
  •  After dark (½ hr. after sunset until ½ hr. prior to sunrise)
  •  By an unlicensed driver
  •  On any sidewalk

Parents or guardians allowing an unlicensed child to operate a golf cart are subject to a fine in excess of $200. Golf carts being operated in violation of state law are also subject to being towed at owner/renter's expense.

To ensure safe operation of golf carts, the cart should not carry any more passengers than it is designed for. A golf cart is a vehicle and therefore it is subject to the same laws that govern the operation of an automobile upon a public street.

Myrtle Beach Golf Carts Llc strives to keep you informed so you can adhere to all Local and State Laws pertaining to rental golf carts and custom golf carts. Please see below a list of Golf Cart Laws as well as Local Vacation Rental Restrictions.

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